How Long Does It Take?

It's My Money & I Want It Now!!!

Ok, well technically it isn’t yet, but everyone wants to get paid right now. Nobody wants to wait, me included. The most asked question is “how long does it take to start making money online?”.

The answer is never an easy one. There are a lot of different factors that determine the answer and the answer is almost always different.

We will address some of the areas that play a part in the timing and overall success in making money online.


Depending on what you are promoting makes a big difference in the time it can take to begin to turn a profit from your site. If you are in a very saturated niche, let’s say “health and wellness”, then you will likely have to work a bit harder and have more “heavy lifting” to do before you begin to realize any money coming back. But the good news is that the more saturated niches are that way because there is indeed money to made still. 

Directing Traffic

Another factor is how you choose to direct traffic to your site. If you utilize one or many then you will certainly effect the time it will take to let others see the awesome deals you are offering to the world via your site and backed by your insight and knowledge. 

Google search engine is currently the number one way to direct traffic, but others, such as Pinterest are also making a huge impact in the SEO and traffic arena. 


Constant content is key as well. If you don’t continue to add pertinent content to your site on a regular basis, then you will falter in ranking high enough within the search engines to receive enough traffic to make a real impact. 

If you know nothing about your niche and you are winging it, the audience will be able to pick up on it. You can fool some people some pf the time, but is that really what you are after? It all matters in the end. Make it count and be real. 

Visual Appeal

What background, which font, what size, what pictures. All of these things go into the overall appearance of your site and they all matter when it comes to the interaction of your audience. If you happen to come to a webpage and find it to be visually clumsy or even worse assaulting, then you will likely not stay. Right? Right. 

The thing is though, that site could have changed your life entirely, but you would never find out because they didn’t ‘package’ it properly. Appearance is almost as important as content sometimes. 

It All Matters

All of these points and many more go into how long it can take to begin to see a return on your investment. It takes time, not only to do these things well, but to learn how to do them well. That is why I have chosen to be a part of a community that is helping others, like you and me, to build an online presence. Learn more by smashing that button below. See you soon!

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