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     Working from home sounds great in concept, but if you don’t take certain steps to insure success you may find that it isn’t all that you had imagined.

     Here are some things that you may want to try when you work from home to help you to stay successful and be productive. 

1) You should decide how many hours a week you need to work.

2) At the start of every work day, do so as if you did not work from home.  

3) It is best if you have a designated area for an office

4) Take your breaks, they help stay on task.

5) Set guidelines for anyone else living with you.

6) Set up your home office in such a way as to make it the easiest on you.

Remember, you are your own boss, but you are also your own employee. You work for you means that there is still work involved. It is just so much more rewarding than working for anyone else. 

1) How Much To Work

How much to work each week, which days, and how long is all something that you should know ahead of actually working from home. You will likely be more prepared and be more productive and successful if you have a schedule to follow. Deciding how many hours a week is a great place to start, then decide which days you will work to accomplish the hours set forth. If you only need to work 30 hours a week to be successful then maybe you want to work three 10 hour days, or perhaps 6 five hour days. However it works out best for you is what you should plan for. And be prepared to do some adjusting as time goes on. 

2)Work As If you Don't Work From Home

Now, this picture is a wonderful idea, but not always the most productive. You want to be able to at home in your home office, but so comfortable that you forget that you are still working. It is way too easy to get sidetracked and loose time that you need to be spending on your business. 

You may well be the best boss you have ever had, but you can also be your own worst employee if you aren’t careful. You can always check on things outside of your scheduled work time, from the comfort of your couch or the beach. You still should establish a set schedule. 

There are apps and programs or services available to help you stay more accountable if you need them. I will list a few here for examples, but there are many more.

toggl – seems very versatile and compatible across platforms
timeneye –  has a very calendar type setup for easy of use
harvest – good apps and integration. Easy to use.

As I said, there are so many more and you can find one that suits you best, but it is a good thing to have to boost productivity.


Work Anywhere

3) Designated Office Space

Some of the things that have been going on in the world will indeed and are indeed changing, but some of them are still applicable in this fast paced internet driven society. One of those things is an actual office space. 

It is a place to go to work, most people need this because if they don’t have it then they have a difficult time distinguishing between work and non-work activities. It may seem silly and even fly in the face of what you had envisioned work from home to look like, but I promise you, it will pay off having an office that is at least mostly set in its own space.

If you are anything like me, and there are a lot who are, then you can get squirreled by a great number of things. I find that twitter and youtube are my enemy a lot of the time. I have wasted so much time that I will never get back by getting sucked into the endless hole of tweets or videos. The good news is that, with a little help from your friends, you can get by. 

Having your own space is important, but so is this next point. Read on…

4) Take Your Breaks

It is important to have a schedule and to have a designated space to work from, but you also need, need, need, absolutely must take regular breaks. Breaks are good to pace you as your work day goes on, setting goals to get to, certain productive goals to achieve before each break will actually help you reach your business goals faster. 

Again, of many of the antiquated and establishment ideologies, this one is a keeper. Breaks allow you to breathe and to stretch, get your blood flowing and increase creative juices. 

All work and no play still makes for a bad combination. You need a break every couple or few hours. You know you better than I do, so you should decide how many you need. It is easy to get all gungho and go all in only to find out that you will overwhelm yourself and get discouraged and even quit altogether. You don’t want that and I don’t want that for you, so take some seasoned advice and take breaks.

If you find that you don’t need as many, then work through it, if you need an extra on certain days, then take an extra one, but set down some guidelines and create your schedule. 

5) Set Boundries

No, I’m not talking about social distancing, I am talking about making sure that anyone that lives with you or your friends who will want to come over while you are working, need to respect that boundary and let you earn a living. If you worked somewhere else, they wouldn’t have a choice.

Just let everyone know what your work schedule is, and not to disrupt you while you are working. 

 Again, seasoned words of advice here. 

6) Set Up Your Office In The Best Way Possible For You

Only you can prevent timeloss

I have a rise and lower desktop, so I can sit or stand at my desk. I use an iMac 27 inch 5K Retina all in one system to work on. I am more comfortable with Apple products, but I grew up on windows systems. I have my area set apart from the rest of the house and I take every opportunity to inform others that I am working and do not interrupt me if you don’t need to. You need to do what works for you, what makes it best and most productive for your business. You will figure it out, I’m sure!

Make your schedule work for you

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