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6 Things To Do Before You Start A Blog

1.) Choose a Niche. (Topic)
Should be something that you are passionate about, have knowledge about.

2.) Choose a domain name, AKA website name

3.) Research competitors. Google your niche and find competitors and see how they are doing.

4.) Decide on hosting, where you will be parking your site.

5.) Decide on a page builder. What add on you will use to build your pages and posts.

6.) Decide on how you will be promoting your blog. 

1) Niche or Topic

You will have to decide what you will be blogging about. Blogging is just putting into words what you are talking about. There are general blogs that talk about a lot of different things, but the more specific the topic or niche, the more of a chance of getting a following and making an impact in the online world. 

You can talk about your day and what you had for dinner on facebook, and I’m sure your friends love it when you do, but if you want to have a successful blog post, then you will need to choose a topic that is going to interest people enough to want to read it. It is always a good idea to pick something that you already know something about, you don’t have to be an expert, but you should be able to hold your own in a conversation about it. 

If you pick something that you already know and have an interest in, hopefully even some passion about, then you will learn faster, seek harder and do more than if you knew nothing about your niche going into it. I hope that makes sense, it sure did to me. I am passionate about wanting to help others learn how to break free of the chains to the corporate slave-drivers.

2) Choose a Domain Name, A.K.A. Web Name

So, we chose because we want people to have time where they are free from the boss. It is hard to find a good name sometimes, it took a long time to find one that we could settle on and that still made sense, (we hoped) to people seeing it and clicking on it. You will likely want to go with a .com over any others such as .net or .biz. The .com is much more reputable and common. It is also best if you can avoid hyphens or dots. Try to choose a name that fits. You can use namecheap or godaddy to search for available names and good luck.


3) Research Competition

So, for example, there are a lot of people blogging about how to work from home. Look them up, stalk their pages and learn from them. 

You would want to make sure that you not only have your own ideas, but also research the competition and see what they have going on. 

The more you see, the more you learn. The more you learn, the more you understand. The more you understand, the more people you will be able to connect with. That is one of the big secrets, you need to connect. It’s all about relationships, you have to build them, build trust and brand yourself. 

If you talk out your rear, people will sense that you are and they will not be on board. You have to know what you are talking about and how to relate to others so that they want to listen to you.

Okay, I’ve already said too much, I’m sure

4) Where to Host

Where will you be parking your site? This is important on different levels. You will want to choose a host that is in line with your level of understanding. What page-builder, which is number 5, is important to consider when you choose a hosting platform. 

I work from within Word Press and Use the Elementor page builder along with the Generate Press Theme. Make sure that you understand how to build, what the hosting page is offering and if it is indeed secure. 

5) Page-Builder, addons

If you know little to nothing about how to build a webpage, first of all I am sorry, it isn’t that big of a task, but it can seem overwhelming. 

As I already mentioned, I use Word Press to build my website, Elementor page builder. Elementor is a drag and drop, very easy to use page builder. 

Another addon I use is Smush, it decreases the size of my pictures as to not lag my site. There are numerous others, many of which are up to the user. Check cost and storage size when choosing both hosting and building platforms. 

6) How to Promote Your Blog

Traffic is the goal. You can have the world’s best blog and if no one ever sees it, then it doesn’t matter. You need to get people to your site. There are several ways to get traffic; you can buy traffic, you can use social media, you can rank high enough on search engines and get traffic that way. No matter what you choose, traffic should be your goal. 

You Don't Have To Do It Alone

All of this can be very overwhelming. I know that I was kind of shocked by the amount of learning I had to go through to be able to do this, and I’m still learning. you will be learning from now on, get used to it. But, if you want to be involved with a group, no, it’s more of a community, that will have your back and help you learn, then hit this button and check it out. Best thing I’ve ever done. 

14 thoughts on “Before you Blog”

  1. This was a great step-by-step explanation for someone who is just starting to build their own website in marketing. I have started one myself, just about 6 weeks ago using the Wealthy Affiliate program and its has been great. Your article was a great review and you explain it very well. 

    You are right about not having to do it alone. If you join a trusted platform like WA, the community and support you get is over the top, and I would have given up a long time ago if I did not use WA. 

    Great post!

  2. I like the tips. I just started myself and have found it difficult on getting traffic. When is the best time to send traffic to a new blog? How many post does my site need to have? Do you have any recommendation when it comes to which social media platform to promote a blog around the niches learning language, travel)?

    • It is all relative to what kind of blog you have. If you are promoting gardening or fashion or designing, then I would say that Pinterest is the best social media to use. If you are trying to promote selling items, then perhaps Facebook is better for your niche. It is difficult to say for sure, that is why I encourage people to join in with a supportive community like the one at the other end of this link here (((LINK)))

  3. Before you blog is a good guide to think about before you get started.  As you are making some decisions about what you want to do in this wonderful world of an online business building we are all subject to mistakes.

    I think I made so many mistakes because I really didn’t want to plan or think that much about what I wanted the blog to do. I just wanted to write what I wanted to and kind of when I wanted to, not on a schedule as some gurus say is better. So, naturally, there were mistakes and errors.   Do you have a plan of sorts about what you are wanting the blog to do?  I have been trying to make sure I remember that I am writing for a mailing list.  However, habits can be stubborn sometimes.  Do you have trouble knowing what you need from the post?  I have seen some that are asking for emails in exchange for something of value, free of course.  In the same email, there is also a call to action for a product sale.  Do you do both in the same email?  Thanks for your suggestions,

    • Yes, mistakes are undeniably unavoidable. But, mistakes are not failures, they are stepping stones. You learn from the mistake you make and move forward. It is good to offer a free ebook or something else to be able to get an email list going, yes. Being able to own traffic is the best way to go. Keep up the great work you are doing!

  4. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through your article as it contains detailed information’s one needs to be aware of before starting a blog as it would really be of great help in promoting ones blog. Thanks for sharing

    • You are very welcome, Philebur. It is what we strive to do and what we feel our calling is here!!! To inform and motivate people to be able to find true freedom!

  5. Hello There, a big thanks to you for sharing this informative article on the topic ‘before your blog’. Before blogging begins there are some important steps to take and some important things to put into consideration. I am a blogger and the majority of all these steps listed here were exactly what I followed. Raging from my choice if a niche to promoting your site.

    • It is true, these are the basic steps you need to take before you can actually get started blogging. I know that many people get excited and might tend to lose momentum if they don’t have a clear plan. It is our hope that this will help those people to stay on course.

  6. pretty awesome and well-organized tips  presented here necessary for a newbie on blogging.. blogging has been made easy from these outline teeth given here.. with this everyone and anyone can start a blog.. I must say you did an amazing job putting up this awesome review. and I look forward to sharing it

    • Many thanks, Evans, it is our hope that many people will be able to start to work from home in the not too distant future. 

  7. Hello, thanks for sharing these information with us, I was actually doing some research online when I saw your post, your description of each item’s makes it easier for the readers to form an opinion, I also want to thank you for the hard work you put into bringing these websites and providing such useful information with us all, thanks for the readers love your article


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